Welcome to the historic town of Wisbech.

Wisbech, Capital of the Fens, with a population of about 20,200, and situated about 25 miles to the northeast of Peterborough, is a market town of great character and historical importance. It has a great deal to offer the visitor, from it's Georgian architecture, to it's Church, Museum and other points of interest. There is so much history, connecting back to the Romans, and such well known people as Hereward the Wake, the luckless King John, Octavia Hill, the co-founder of the National Trust and pioneer of social housing, was born here in 1838.

It was first mentioned in the charter of the Saxon King Wulphere in the year 664, when it was called Visebec. The first Wisbech Castle was erected by William I in 1086. King John slept there when he visited Wisbech, and who's treasure is still being searched for - lost in The Wash in 1216.

The draining of the Fens brought prosperity to Wisbech when the produce of the rich agricultural land flowed through the port. Wisbech landowners and merchants grew wealthy and built their rows of elegant houses along the banks of the River Nene. Facing each other across the water, North Brink and South Brink are among the finest Georgian streets in England.

Fen Folk

Generations of Fenland people have earned their living from the land, the dark, rich soil being some of the most fertile in the country, producing a variety of crops from cereals, fruit, flowers and creating dramatic changes in the landscape throughout the seasons. Native 'Fenlanders' are hardworking, law abiding citizens, with deep Anglo-Saxon roots, proud of the name 'Fen Tigers', gained by fierce opposition to the draining of the Fens in the 17th. Century. Their strength of character and independence is demonstrated in the fact that one in six men in work are self-employed.

Wisbech Town Park

Wisbech Park stretches out over 11 acres within the Bowthorpe conservation area, and is just a short 10 minute walk from the town centre.

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